Christian Education

IMG_0066St. Gabriel’s | 9:15 AM 

Spring Semester:  Mar 23-Apr 13 & Apr 27-May 4 (break for Easter).


Spiritual formation is not just a solo endeavor, there is a place for quiet time but there is also a place for learning with others, recognizing that we are formed by others as well. Some spiritual disciplines are distinctively relational and we are formed and challenged by those relationships. Christian Education classes are designed to give All Saints opportunities to learn, develop relationships and provide a form of spiritual formation through community.


St. Gabriel’s at 9:15 AM



pastors“The Same Sex Question” | Rev. Tim Frickenschmidt, Rev. Greg Grooms, & Rev. Josh Eby | St. Gabriel’s, Cafeteria

This six-week class co-taught by Tim, Greg, and Josh will explore the “same sex” question and how Christians are called to think, speak and live biblically in the midst of a rapidly changing culture.





Theology in Plain Language | Kim Hall and others (Women only) | Room 228
This Spring, we will continue our lively discussions in Biblical Theology. You may wonder how on earth theology could ever be lively? If so, come join us as we gather around scripture and consider the beauty of our theology in light of who God is, all he has done, and who we are as his people.



All Children’s Sunday School classes are below. They are in conjunction with the AM adult Christian Education Classes.


Born Sept 2010-Aug 2011 | Red & Orange Seedlings| Kirk Avery, Oliver Chiang | Room 123

Born Sept 2009-Aug 2010 | Yellow & Green Seedlings| Neda Mays, James Walpole | Room 133

Pre-K | Melissa Kummerer, Chrishaun Keller-Hanna | Room 218

K-1st | Orange Buds | Derek Dehay, Susan Hurd | Room 222

2nd-3rd | Red Roots | Julia Dragicevic, Lauren Brownfield | Room 217

4th-5th | Orange Roots | Colin Eddings, Ryan Rice | Room 213

Josh Keller-Director of Youth Ministry
Middle School | Stories of Jesus Healing | 9:15 AM | St. Gabriel’s | Room 206

High School | Stories of Jesus Healing | 6:30 PM | Park Hills | Fellowship Hall or Room 244

This spring we will take a closer look at the people Jesus healed in the New Testament. Who are they? Why do they matter to us?


mary jane (2)

Man and Woman: A Biblical Perspective | Wed 10:00 AM | Greg & Mary Jane Grooms | 2104 Nueces

Using Scripture to look at three different approaches taken to define men and women’s roles and responsibilities. Men’s sole leadership, egalitarianism, equal but not egalitarian. This class is for both men and women.


All About All Saints Class: Spring class concluded, fall dates TBD

All About All Saints is a 4-week information class taught by our pastors. This is a great way to learn more about All Saints  and a great time to candidly ask our pastors any questions you have. The class covers the basics of Christian orthodoxy, reformed theological tradition, and particulars of the worship, life, and mission of All Saints. Please plan on attending all 4 weeks, as each week covers different material. Meals and childcare provided. To learn more visit here or email Rebekah.