At All Saints children experience church in a way that is designed specifically for them. Our staff and teachers engage them in God’s word and the life of the church through a variety of opportunities on Sunday and throughout the week.







  • St. Gabriel’s 9:15 AM Sunday School & 10:30 AM service: After entering the main entrance the children’s hall is located to the far right.
  • Park Hills 5:00 PM service: Located at the end of the Narthex to the right.


Children ages 0-4:  Classes are available throughout Sunday School and worship.

Children PK-2nd grade begin the service with their families. They are dismissed during the Hymn of Response following the Confession of Sin for Small Saints (an age-appropriate Bible lesson and activity), and return at the Passing of the Peace.


  1. Be greeted by someone at the Children’s visitor station
  2. Children are placed in a specific class according to their age or the developmental stage.
  3. Allergies will be noted, and children will receive a name tag
  4. Parents will receive a Claim Check for each child; this tag is a safety measure that ensures only parents or authorized persons can retrieve them.
  5. If a child has difficulty being separated and is inconsolable for more than 5-10 minutes, parents will receive a text message.
  6. After the sermon (indicated in the liturgy) parents can choose to pick up their child/children to rejoin them for blessing and communion, or children can stay in nursery until the conclusion of the service.


  • Sunday School: A lesson, play time, singing
  • Children’s Church : Music Time, A bible lesson, Snacks: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Cheerios, and water are offered
  • Small Saints: During the adult sermon, is a sermon contextualized for children ages Pre-K-2nd grade, in the children’s hall. Children can attend this and either return to adult service or to children’s church.


  • Sunday School teachers are members of the church and are consistent through the semester. View here.
  • Children’s Church teachers are members. They are assisted by paid nannies who do diaper changes and assist with care.
  • For very young children All Saints hires a professional company called Mom’s Best Friend, and professional nannies who undergo background checks.

WHAT IS: Sunday School, Children’s Church, Small Saints?

  • Sunday School | 9:15am -10:15am | Pre-K – 5th grade | September 8 – November 17 | Only at Saint Gabriel’s
    Bible lessons before church service begins. Adults can also take Christian Education Classes at the same time. Children have consistent Teachers.
  • Children’s Church | During the worship service | Toddler – Pre K
    Includes: Bible story, snack, musician visit, and playground time
  • Small Saints | During the Sermon | Pre K – 2nd grade
    Includes: music time, a Bible story and application. Children may make their way during the passing of peace and return to the sanctuary for the conclusion of worship.


Kingdom Kids | Wednesdays | Cancelled for spring with hopes to resume in the future


These are the names of the classes for children according to their age or developmental stage. Each color represents a certain age. Classes are by birthdays.



sprout_redInfants-Red Sprouts
Crawlers-Orange Sprouts
Walkers-Yellow Sprouts
Runners-Green Sprouts


BORN Sept 2009 – Aug 2011 – SEEDLINGS

seedling_orangeBorn Feb. 2011 – Aug. 2011 – Red Seedlings
Born Sept. 2010 – Jan. 2011 -Orange Seedlings
Born May 2010 – Aug. 2010 -Yellow Seedlings
Born Sept. 2009 – April 2010 -Green Seedlings


Pre-K – 1st Grade – BUDS

bud_yellowPre-K – Red Buds
Kinder-1st- Orange Buds




2nd-5th grade – ROOTS


2nd-3rd grade-Red Roots
4th-5th grade-Orange Roots



Younger Children (under age 4) may attend Children’s Church
Pre-K and Early Elementary (Pre-K through 2nd grade) may attend Small Saints in room 138 during the sermon
Older Elementary (3rd – 5th) may sit with parents during the entire service
Second Sundays All elementary children are welcome to learn about the elements of the liturgy of All Saints in room 138 during the sermon


PATHWAYS (3rd-5th grade) | Monthly, starting in September
All 3rd-5th graders are invited to monthly fellowship group. Stay tuned for upcoming activities!


If you like to care for and teach young children there are lots of opportunities to invest in the lives of the children at All Saints from Small Saints, Sunday School and Children’s church.  Want to serve? Contact

  • Spring Semester Serving Schedule (password protected) CLICK HERE 


For more information about the Children’s Ministry please contact