Women“The goal of the Women’s Ministry is to help women find joy in Christ Jesus, and to provide ways and means to share that joy with others. The desire is to establish a genuine and sacrificial love for God’s Word, for regular prayer, for the communion of saints, and for our neighbors.


The women at All Saints are a diverse group. My hope is that every woman, regardless of age or circumstances, would be able to find a place in the Women’s Ministry that would allow her faith and her joy to flourish and spill over into practical ways of loving others, both within and outside of the church body.”

-Kim Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry




Lantana/Southwest | Sheila Avery | TUES @ 7:00 PM

Westlake | Brooke Shannon and Danielle Miller | TUE @ 8:00 PM

Circle C Park | Sarah Dwelle | TUES @ 8:15 AM

Lakeway | Jenny McCann and Kim Hall | WED @ 9:15 AM

Bee Caves (Hill Country Galleria) | Ellen Lee | WED @ 9:30 AM



Town Lake | Mary Jane Grooms | M – F @ 5:30 AM

Town Lake | Kelly Bolerjack | THUR @ 9:3o AM



Tarrytown | Meg Rein | FRI @ 10:00 AM (* Age 2 and under)

Circle C | Suzanne Jones | TUES @ 9:30 AM (Met Park)

Rollingwood | Joelle Beisner | TUES (2X/Mo) @ 9:30 AM



78704 | Rebekah Rice | FRI @ 9:00 AM

Whole Foods | Mary Jane Grooms | THUR @ 7:00 AM



NW Hills | 60+ | Joanne Moore | WED (2X/Mo) @ 10:00 AM



Meals on Wheels | Laura Forrester | Second Saturdays

ARCH | Claire Brown | Third Tuesdays | 5:30 – 8:00 PM (no children)



WHO’s Leading?
WHAT are we studying?
WHEN does it meet?
WHERE does it meet?
Special Instructions?
Kim Hall “Awake To God’s Presence” Sundays at 9:15 AM St. Gabriel’s School Sunday School classes for children available at this time
Four Small Groups at this time and location Romans 1-7 Mondays at 10:00 AM Park Hills Church (Childcare available for Ages 0-PK, Register at allsaintsaustin.org/signup.)
Jenn Ripley Romans Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Jenn Ripley’s house
Nanci Boice “Conformed to His Image” Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Westlake


Leadership Training

All Saints women will have leadership training once a quarter. The purpose of the leadership training is to have women connected and ministering from a place of willingness, gifts, and joy.


Mentoring and Discipleship

If you are a woman seeking to mentor a younger woman, or someone seeking to be mentored, please contact Kim Hall.

For more information about the Women’s Ministry contact:

Kim Hall, Director of Women’s Ministry